If you’ve bought an Elite Rod or fished with one that belonged to someone else, your testimony and or feedback is appreciated. E-mail us with the subject Testimony so I know I have your permission to share.

“I’ve used almost every brand of rods on the bass market during the course of my career and over 30 years of fishing experience. In 2015, I realized that Elite Rods are without a doubt the best-quality, most consistent, and best warrantied product on the market. It became obvious to me that moving to Elite Rods was necessary, not optional. Dan is one of the finest rod-builders in the world and stands by his work. Elite Rods are light, sensitive, and durable – all of the qualities other brands claim to be, but they simply aren’t Elite.”

Todd Hollowell, FLW Tour Pro (Indianapolis, IN)   ToddHollowell.com



Best rods I have ever used!!! I was using an NRX and an Edge Black Widow and I prefer yours over both of those!!!

-Anthony Ustinovich

Milford, Massachusetts


Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that Brandons and my ELITE rods helped us catch these light biting pre spawn walleye for a 8th place finish in the MWT Tournament.

-Tom Witkowski

Freeland, Michigan


I absolutely love my new Glass Edge rod. All I’ve tried is a square bill and it’s 1000% different than anything I’ve ever used! Not going to lie, the 3 fish I caught on it so far scared me. I’m not used to that much bend in my rods but boy it kept loaded up and never got slack line and I haven’t lost a fish yet…Thanks again brother! We will be doing more business soon!

-Roy Murello

Greenwood, Indiana


Man I loved the rods! I would like to meet up with you in the next few weeks and buy some more. Your craftsmanship on these rods are second to no one.

-James Pitts

Anderson, Indiana


I just want to say thank you again. I’ve had a few chances to reel in a few on the BLK 70m you made for me. Has been my jerkbait rod as was planned and it has NOT disappointed. I will absolutely be filling my deck with your rods as soon as budget allows. Here’s the fish I pulled in with it out of a thick pad of dead lily pad stalks. Again, can’t thank you enough.

-Jon Keesee

Watsworth, Ohio


I got my rod today and I can’t find a single thing I don’t like about it. I have not fished with it yet but I have casted it quite a few times and It’s perfect. I feel so relieved to finally find somebody that knows how to make a rod for once. Great job! I’m sold and I haven’t even caught my 1st fish with it yet.

-Casey Long

Jeffersonville, Ohio


Took some high school kids fishing today. The bite was very weird yesterday at practice so I let them use my Elite Rods. Scary but…..I’ve never seen people set the hook on every cast.  I asked “you getting bit?”
“I don’t know, I’ve never felt this much with a rod before and you said hook sets were free!”
Haha!  One of the kids finished 5th out of over 40 anglers and I know he would have never felt the bite with his rods. Wanted to thank you for building such a great product and know, when these kids can afford it, they will be buying Elite Rods!

-Ray Turner

West Terre Haute, Indiana


I got to use the new Elite Rods today and by far the best I’ve ever used. I need to order some more, will be in touch.

-Ralph Lucarielli

Youngstown, Ohio


I’d like to thank you again for making a product that makes time on the water enjoyable and for allowing me to purchase them.

-Ryan Browder

Versailles, Ohio


I truly believe this season Elite Rods has been a game changer for me. I haven’t ever felt like I can depend on a rod to hold up and now any time I go to the lake, I know for a fact that my Rods are the best. When you can’t blame the equipment, you can only blame yourself which in my opinion makes you better as an angler.

-Logan Parks

Auburn, Alabama


I’ve had my rods for a few weeks now and all I can say is that they are amazing! I’m really impressed with the rods and I’ll probably be getting more in the future!

-Tyler Bogenrife

Columbus, OH


Just wanted let you know you are making one heck of a product and to keep up the good work! I am going to suggest Elite Rods to anyone that is looking for a great rod. I caught this tonight and the rod handled flawlessly bringing this bass in. Keep up the good work and thank you for making such a wonderful product!

-Zach Knebel

Willshire, Ohio


I’ve been fishing these rods for a few seasons now and wanted to let people know why I think these are the best rods on the market. I’ve fished with a lot of the popular high end rods over the years. Rods with double the price tags. I like to catch fish any way that they will bite. One of the most versatile rods in my box is the black series in a 7’3″ medium. I use this rod for spinner baits, chatter baits, shallow and medium crank baits, frogs, traps, small swimbaits, light jigs, light tubes and I’m sure there are more that I’m forgetting. My hookup ratio is unbelievable. If you set the hook on this rod, they are coming in the boat. Today while fishing a chatter bait in a tournament I put a 20 plus pound catfish in the boat with it! We had around 13 pounds and in the last 10 minutes I upgraded 3 fish. When money or pride is on the line, I trust these rods to perform. They are light, crazy sensitive and durable. Trust me when I say that if they can take the abuse from myself and partner, they will take what you can give them. I’ve put plenty of frog fish in the boat that have so much grass on them that you can’t even see the fish! These rods have put more money in my pocket and they can do the same for you. You owe it to yourself and your wallet to own the best.

-Justin Rutledge

Indianapolis, Indiana


I only have one of your rods right now but I love it. Currently fish all ***** rods and reels as I have a vip deal with them but I am now going to sell all of my rods and switch over to yours. Awesome product. Thank you.

-Tony Lett

Indianapolis, Indiana


I just wanted to write and say that I have just purchased my first Elite Black Series rod to pair up with my BICO jigs and can’t say enough about the quality of the rod I have experienced so far. I think I am sold on your rods

-Daniel Hill

Waxhaw, North Carolina


I received my rod I cannot stop looking at it and holding it! I love the simplicity of it yet the workmanship is flawless. The reel seat, the guides, the hook holder, and Winn grips are awesome.  I’m really looking forward to how the line feels through these guides. After reading  pretty much everything on your site and now seeing the final product I’m hooked for life! I am so happy I went this route! Thank you again for all of your help and communication through this process and look forward to buying more rods! God Bless,

-Marcus Matyi

Maumee, Ohio


I am very excited about Elite Rods as I think they offer some of the best combinations for the various fishing techniques and at a price point that can’t be touched by other companies given the quality of the Elite Rods and the price they are sold for.

-Sam Caron

Pleasant Lake, Michigan


I absolutely loved the Elite BLK 72h the second I picked it up. When I’m on the water I’m throwing my Original 3/8 oz jig the majority of the time, and this rod is absolutely perfect for it. Light as a feather, extremely sensitive, and the Winn grips are by far the most comfortable I’ve ever fished. It’s an extremely well-built rod and you don’t have to break the bank to own one. Beautiful craftsmanship! 

– Bill Quattrucci, BiCO Performance Jigs  

Click here:  BiCO Jigs


I am from the south, live & fish on a river system for 50 years, recently bought a place near the three most popular Largemouth fishing lakes in the south (Sam Rayburn, Toledo Bend & Lake Fork which is 2 hours away.) I have bought rods of all brands, ranges in price from ($200 -$450) and most of them were custom built. I work all over the country and fish with a lot of different guides with their equipment. Met a guide when I came to Detroit (Dave Hasty) & have been out with him on two trips, I have to say the equipment he uses (Elite Rods) for all applications, from the perfectly matched length & bait use combination to the lightest, best feeling grip (Winn) most awesome sensitivity and balanced rods has definitely been the far most best fishing rods that I have ever fished with. I will be unloading most of my arsenal and upgrading to your Elite Rods without a doubt. (And by the way Dave put my buddy and I on some very nice fish.)

– Allan Paille, Texas


I just wanted to tell you that the Deposit Rod you custom made for 2K jigs is the best rod I have ever used. I have many store bought rods and never knew what a custom Rod felt like. After using it I am sold. The Rod compliments the Deposit swim jig very well and hook sets are fantastic. I have also used it for flipping jigs and it performed just as good. I am planning on thinning out my assortment of other brands and will most definitely be purchasing another Elite Rod. Your Rod sleeves are top notch as well. Thank you again for such amazing products.

– Bill Fitzwater



I just wanted to touch base with you. Greg and I fished that MWC tourney last week and placed 5th overall. There were 115 teams from all over and I must say the rod we bought from you played a big role in our 5th place finish. I have never found a rod with the sensitivity and balance like these rods I am totally satisfied with the quality and fish ability of these rods.

– Mark Campeau, Ontario, Canada


Just wanted to thank you for building such a quality, versatile rod. Fishing the BFL LBL division as a co-angler, your very limited on the amount of rods and tackle you can take with you. You may start out the day cranking ledges and by the end of the day be flipping in a foot of water. With my Elite Rods I feel very confident I can adjust to any decisions my boater makes. Several tournaments this year I threw a chatterbait, spinnerbait or swim jig on a Elite flipping stick all day. They are so light, at the end of the day I had no fatigue and they performed flawlessly. They were a big reason why I finished in the top 6 in 4 out of 5 tournaments and won co-angler of the year. Dan, being in the architectural business, takes his knowledge of design and materials and incorporates that into his rod building. The end result is a light, quality product that is “built to perform”.



– Ricky Boehringer, Troy, Ohio


I’ve caught 2 fish on the new rod (2nd fish of the day is attached), I want another one identical to this one. I’m sold. They are the best rods I’ve ever owned or seen.

– Chad Nickell, Streetman, Texas


Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I had the opportunity to try out the new casting rod with my new Shimano Calais 200DC yesterday and all I can say is AWSOME! The rod felt great in my hand and the balance with the Shimano is perfect. Great action, sensitivity, and backbone and perfect for my application!

– Brian Petrosky, Girard, Ohio

Being a lure designer, I understand what it takes to make a quality product and how much detail goes into every bait I make. I get that same quality and detail when I buy an Elite Rod. I know everything is done right and the rod is a top quality rod. Performance is a key in tournament fishing and these rods perform at the highest level in lightness and sensitivity. You owe it to yourself to try a high quality rod and see what you are missing. I highly recommend trying an Elite Rod.

– Jim Miller, Dayton, Ohio


The Championship we qualified for is in October at Bay De Noc Michigan. By the way those jigging rods you made us have been an important factor in our success. They are awesome and tough! This year alone while jigging in the river I landed 3 Sturgeon all over 60 lbs. Each one takes over an hour to get in and those rods were bent over to the handle the whole time.

– Greg Whitson, Ontario, Canada (Reel Deal Guide)

I really got to use the rods yesterday. Very well pleased! You make amazing stuff. Thanks

– Andrew McClusky, Silsbee, Texas

I received my rod and I’ll start off by saying that just by looking at it, its not what I expected, It’s more!! I did not expect the micro guides and the overall appearance is just great! I can’t wait to hit the water and this rod will always be on my deck. I have rod sleeves on all my rods and the fact that you sent one with this rod makes it even more incredible. This is my first custom and won’t be my last. Thanks

– Tony Forest, Ironton, Ohio

I gave the rod it’s inaugural outing today against some trout. It performed excellently. I am very impressed with the light weight but solid feel it has. I can guarantee I will be purchasing more rods from you in the future. Thanks!

– Bryce McWhorter, Independence, Kentucky


Just letting you know I won the tournament today with the 7′ 4″ jig rod and a Red Dirt Baits bladed dancin jig in emerald shad. I had five fish for 25lbs. 07 oz. Thanks for the best rods out there.

– Roy Whisenhunt, Valliant, Oklahoma

Gave them a good workout on the Ohio Yesterday – Caught 20+ Largemouth and a hand full of white bass with a 4# hybrid thrown in. These things truly rock – light, sensitive, everything I was looking for. The slight extra length let me sail the 78mm pointer in that wind I’ll definitely be getting with you on my next rod requirement.

– Mike Keiholz, Cincinnati, Ohio

I love my new spinning rod, it’s a beast. I wasn’t sure what I wanted in the way of components and you probably thought I wasn’t in my right mind because I wanted something very unique but after talking it thru, we endeavored to persevere. In the 1st week of using this on a Shimano 2500 reel and 40# Power Pro, I have not lost a fish. I’m now over 12 total bass in the 3#-6# range. I haven’t hit the 10# mark yet but it’s coming. Great Rod!

– Dan Williams, Cross City, Florida

Ever since I have went from a mixed bag of rods to all Elite Rods, I truly believe that my landing percentage has doubled. Right rod for the right job. I have became obsessed. Thanks for making a gem.

– Evertt Ailes, Fairland, Indiana


Those flipping rods I got off you are the finest rods I have ever used.

– Roy Pifer, Celina, Ohio


Took the 7471 out to a pond today and I have absolutely fallen in love with the way this rod fishes.  It is the lightest, most sensitive jig rod i have ever used.  It has all the qualities of a good jig rod, perfect balance of tip and backbone to horse the big ones out of the brush.  Thank you!!!

– Heinz Kalkhoff, Cincinnati, Ohio



I love the jig Rod! Got 15th place out of 120 boats today! I caught that 5.29 fatty on it! First fish of the day and first fish on that Rod!


– Tim Onusko, Clarksville, Tennessee

If you’re looking for a custom rod just for you, there’s only one place to go! The attention to detail is second to none.

– Chris Leslie, Preston, Maryland (Owner of Big Bass U.S.A.)

I’ll never buy another store-bought rod again after dealing with Elite Rods. Hands down the best customer service I’ve ever had on anything and I mean that. He did not push at all to go with a custom rod and explained why they are better. He followed up afterwards just to see if I was satisfied and how it was holding up. It’s a custom made flipping stick with a spiral wrap and now I flip more than ever with an 8 footer. It definitely made a difference.

– Brian Lightner

Caught my first bass on my Elite Rods custom rod and wow! Extremely sensitive and light rod with some backbone to boot! Handled my 3 bass perfectly tonight. Thanks for the great rod!

– Richard Schemmel Edgewater, Colorado

I was using your fact action heavy rod and caught a ten pound bass during practice at Kentucky Lake during the Wal-Mart FLW Tour. For being a heavy rod, I liked the weight. It’s not heavy and I can cast with it all day chucking a 1oz. jig. Your Friend:

– Nick Kissack, Wichita, Kansas

I’ve tried many rods, top end, and mid price, but Elite Rods out fish them all. I’ve been tournament fishing for 20 years and I put Elite Rods in a class all by themselves, light, durable, and oozing with confidence, all that you want in a top rod at a reasonable price for tournament or pleasure fishing. A rod for every application, just set the hook and reel ’em in. It’s Elite Rods for me.

– Ron Foulk, Tournament angler/Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail